Monday, 29 April 2013

What Good Oxygen Levels Can Do

1.  At the cellular level, oxidation process in your body is optimized. Your body will be much more efficiently to absorb nutrient and vitamin from food sources and daily supplements.

2. Your immune system is strengthened, which results in a heightened ability to fight off and eliminate toxic invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

3.  You can effectively oxidize and decompose harmful waste, toxins, and gases.

4. Extra oxygen will help promote a faster recovery from strenuous exercise, injury, and stress. This is particularly important for athletes and active people.

5. Once you have all the oxygen you need, your energy level dramatically increases.

6. When oxygen demand are fully met, your mental process will be calmer. Beside that you are able to think more clearly and critically. Not only that, your mental awareness and concentration can also increase too.

7. When the demand of oxygen of our body is met, our body will be healthier and performance is optimized.

8. Viruses, bacteria and toxins are anaerobic meaning they live without the need for oxygen. Using oxygen water like Oxycential can increase the oxygen level within the body to eliminate these pathogen from our body.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Jet lag problem? Get oxygen water

Jet lag is a common problem for businessman who often travel around. They may have a immediate meeting with their partner and there is no time for them to rest or to get ready for their meeting. Often after a person experience a jet lag, he will be feeling fatigue, demotivated, feeling headache and vomiting. The person might feel a mild depression. How can we continue to talk or negotiate for a business interest if we are in the position like this?

Why Jetlag occurs?

Experts say that there is a link between environmental levels of oxygen and susceptibility to jet lag. An airplane's cabin air pressure is much lower than it is at sea level, meaning that the amount of oxygen reaching the brain may be lower when most people are flying. This may make us slightly lethargic, resulting in a higher risk of more severe jet lag symptoms. If the flyer has an underlying medical condition, such as anemia or heart disease, having less oxygen may worsen jet lag symptoms even more.

Oxygen water can supply more oxygen to our brain as we are travelling to 2 or 3 different timezones. It also help in hydrating our body which aid in adjusting ourselves to different timezone. Water helps in readjusting the unbalanced ion which went out of balance during the flight.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Warning! Our body lack oxygen

         Today, researchers believe that even a relatively healthy person is unable to fully extract the oxygen that he needed from the air. It is due to the severe environmental pollution from our daily activity. Over years, we have been breathing the polluted air into our body. Physiologists are aware that breathing the polluted air cause tremendous stress to our body. Levels of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere have declined from a high of almost 50% to 21% by the beginning of the last century. 110 years later, in some polluted cities today like Beijing, China, the oxygen levels can be as low as 15%. The oxygen level in our air is declining in a fast pace. Our body is lacking the oxygen we needed.

Other factors:

Poor Eating Habit

Sometimes, we are just too lazy or too busy to buy or cook a proper food ourselves. It is when we rely our meal on the fast food and the processed food. Fast food and processed food are more difficult to digest compare to the normal food. It takes up more oxygen to digest the preservative of those food.

Over Acidity

Coffee, Soft drink and carbohydrates are our daily favorite right? Especially coffee, every morning a sip will give you the energy to meet the demand of the whole day. However, did anyone notice that this beverage lower the pH value in our body? Acidic environment favor the pathogen and other disease thrive on in this condition. It is a condition favorable to the  disease to infect our body. Our immune system now require more oxygen to defend our body from infection.

Lack of exercises

Exercise help us to increase the body intake of oxygen as it allow us to breath harder and deeper. Exercise help us to extend our lung muscle to intake more oxygen. Oxygen helps us remove the wasted byproduct of our body chemical process. A sedentary lifestyle can inhibit the removal of toxic wastes from the body.

There are still many factor

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Oxygen Water

   Oxygen water can resupply the oxygen to our bloodstream. It is vital to restore the oxygen level to our body as insufficient oxygen can cause stress all over our body. Oxycential is the best oxygen water product that are available in the market. There are plenty of oxygen water product. However, Oxycential is a stabilized oxygen water product as it is pH balanced. Compared to other oxygen water product, which use hydrogen peroxide as manufacturing raw material. This compound can result our body over alkalizes and our stomach need to produce more hydrochloric acid to neutralize the base. 

As you know, our body is lacking oxygen, hence, drink oxygen water, to attain a more healthy life ever.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Oxygen water can raise your performance and income

benefit of oxygen water

"Doing what is expected is not enough to excel. Achievement is doing much more higher than what is expected from you."

Your salary and your performance

           It is no denial that our cost of living have been raising from times to times. World is running in a very fast pace as our technology evolving. In order to adapt in this fast changing pace, we have to condition ourselves in the best performance state to keep up. No, it is not we "have to" but we "MUST".

            Price of our daily necessity have been increasing in a fast pace but our salary is in contrast with these condition. It is sooner or later that we will be struggling just to sustain our daily basic necessity. As a consequence, we need to find a way to increase our pay. We got no choice but we have to. In order to demand a paycheck raise. We must first raise our production and increase value to your company or your business. The more value you can create, the higher the paycheck you get obtain. 

How am I going to raise my production and increase value to the company?

1) Work longer hour

             At first, I have emphasize that in order for anyone to excel, working and performance up to expectation is not enough. Almost everybody can do this, not because they want but they have to. If you are planning to get  payraise or increase your business profit margin. It is vital for you to work extra harder to perform much more higher than expectation. If you are an employee, surprise your employer by creating more value than he is expected from you. If you are business owner, surprise your customer with additional value they expected. It is one of the important element to excel. 

       Everyone knows working hard is important above success. However, there is another element which can aid you is working smart. Asia country emphasize the importance of working hard, Western country emphasize on working smart. Now let's ask yourself a question, why not both. 

      Now, let's discuss a simple question, how to work smart? Everything emphasize on the 2nd point, "Learning all the best you can"

2) Learning all the best you can

       Learn and think how you can perform a job better. Let recap again, what is the things that you really want? You want to increase the value to your organization and your  business. The world is now a fast changing place to stay. What is productive today may not be productive tomorrow. Information keep updating, technology keep updating. The world will never look backwards. People who aligned with the world pace will win everything. Previously, I have talked about working smart. Let me define what is working smart to you. 

        Working smart means producing more output with less input. One way to doing it is to update the technology. To update the technology, we have to learn it. There is how active learning can push your life to another extent. This world is abundance of resource, you have to learn how to see it and how to acquire it. It is all come to learning. Use all the time you can to learn what you need to know to increase value to your organization or business.

3) Health condition 

       Health is another important asset  where every human possess. I am sure you know that health is very important. Nothing worth more than it. Our lifestyle today have greatly deplete our health condition.  Factor includes environment, poor eating habit, sleep late, lack of exercise...............etc. 
Healthy lifestyle can make us think much more positively upon every occasion happen upon us. An healthy lifestyle can enhance the endurance of stress in our life. In business or workplace, stress is required to boost performance but under one condition which is our health is in great condition.

 How Oxycential can help you in raising your income?

          Oxycential is an instant oxygen supplement product. If you are planning to work longer than usual. You are likely want to have one of these oxygen supplement. After a long hour of working, you are now have not much energy left within you. Working long hour doesn't mean you are in productive position. If fatigue get the best of you, it is no point for working for a longer hour. Instead, you need some little refreshment before you continue to work in the late hour. You can take a walk or a break, but if let's say you want instant refreshment, Oxycential is the best product you can consume. First, it hydrate your body and neutralize your fatigue and you will regain energy faster as more oxygen have been supplied into your bloodstream.

          Secondly, Oxycential is slightly alkaline biased solution. It actually help you to neutralize the acidic toxin that accumulate in your body and helps you to maintain your health condition. Oxycential also helps you combat headache as a result of stress, it also supply more oxygen to your brain which help you learn faster. 
           Oxycential can be the best investment that you invest in your life. As it can change your life dramatically to a more healthy, more abundance lifestyle.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Reverse Aging Era

benefit of oxygen water

           Every woman is a beautiful creature that have been ever created in this planet. They have their own unique beauty that resemblance can never be found. Their beauty is what make this world a better place to stay. They are the goddess who cure every pain in our life. Their unique beauty is what we want to protect at all cost

The Wish

             If there is a wish, we would like to wish that every woman's beauty can lasts eternally. It is our honor to protect our goddess from the hand of aging. However, life doesn't seem to go that way naturally. It is painful to see their beauty are fading away as time goes by, as they will never come back again. As a result of this, there are plenty of research on the reverse aging process that goes all around every part of the world. It is our desire to retain the unique beauty of every woman . In order to align with this objective, Oxycential is the product that we have longed for. It is the product that are being able to retain the beauty that a woman possessed.

How Can Oxygen Water Restore The Beauty Of This World?

             Aging process has been going in a pretty fast pace, especially in this century. Our unhealthy lifestyles like over stress, sleeping late, not enough exercise, overeat have cause our body to accumulate a lot of toxin substances which our body unable to remove all of them. Our healthy cells require slight alkaline environment for optimum operation. However, due to over accumulation of acidic toxin substance, it deteriorate our cell structure. A person whose body is acidic is likely to find herself low energy and being tired all the time. People lose their attractiveness when they are low energy. Beside that, stress is also another factor that kill the attractiveness of a woman. It is been a catalyst which speed up the aging process.

             Oxycential is an oxygen water which is slightly alkaline biased. It can neutralize the acidic substance which accumulate in your body and provide the optimum environment for our cell to function again. With all the toxin substance neutralized and removed from your body, your youth and beauty will be reserved for a longer duration. Oxycential also supply oxygen to our body. When we are in stress in a workplace or anywhere,

benefit of oxygen water

             Oxycential can help us to relieve our stress faster. It supply oxygen to our body cells which provide instant refreshing to our mind and body. It is recommendable for everyone to bring one to the workplace, especially office workers who need refreshment when it comes to afternoon.



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Friday, 5 April 2013

Weight loss!! Oxygen water to the rescue

benefit of oxygen water          


             How does it feel when every morning you wake up and see a person who have a slim and sexy body in front of the mirror? How does it feel when you know that your body shape is attractive to everyone surrounding you? Do you love to see your friends complimenting you that you never seem to gain weight no matter how much you eat? If you are positive on above question, you are at the right place today.

Hard to achieve weight loss? Why?


           There are some people who never get fat no matter how much they eat. They seem to have unfair advantage over their body shape. They can eat whatever they like to eat while you have to spend lot of effort going on diet and exercise to control your weight? How does this possible? The answer is metabolism rate

           Metabolism rate is the amount of energy expended daily by humans and other animals at rest. The higher your metabolism rate, the amount of your energy consumption is higher. As the amount of your energy consumption is higher, the more easier you get attain weight loss

How am I going to increase metabolism rate?

        Drinking the oxygen water will show to promote the metabolism rate within our body. There are numerous oxygen water product out there in the market. Among of them, Oxycential is the best as it is pH balanced. A lot of oxygen water in the market are using either hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bound oxygen molecules in manufacturing oxygen water. It is highly alkalizes and it will eventually result our stomach to overproduce stomach acid to neutralize it, which may harm our body in the long term.

            Drinking oxygen water provide more oxygen within our body promote metabolism in our body. Oxygen water is our ally, it helps us to burn the extra fat stored in our body effectively. 

Extra benefits of oxygen water

  • Anti-ageing
  • Increase focus
  • Improve immune systemI
  • Absorb nutrient better
  • Keep pH balanced
  • Kill germs
  • Promote stamina
  • Promote endurance

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Monday, 4 February 2013

What is oxycential?

Oxycential is unique formulation of oxygen water in saline base. It provide more oxygen supply into our bloodstream. Oxycential is pH balanced. There are other stabilized oxygen water products are based on oxychlorine compounds and contain sodium chlorite, which results in high ph values, normally in excess of 10. In order to neutralize the high pH of these products, the body must secrete  and release higher concentrations of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that reacts with the chlorite ion to create a chlorine and diatomic oxygen molecule. It is only when these molecules are broken up that the oxygen can theoretically get into the bloodstream.  

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