Monday, 29 April 2013

What Good Oxygen Levels Can Do

1.  At the cellular level, oxidation process in your body is optimized. Your body will be much more efficiently to absorb nutrient and vitamin from food sources and daily supplements.

2. Your immune system is strengthened, which results in a heightened ability to fight off and eliminate toxic invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

3.  You can effectively oxidize and decompose harmful waste, toxins, and gases.

4. Extra oxygen will help promote a faster recovery from strenuous exercise, injury, and stress. This is particularly important for athletes and active people.

5. Once you have all the oxygen you need, your energy level dramatically increases.

6. When oxygen demand are fully met, your mental process will be calmer. Beside that you are able to think more clearly and critically. Not only that, your mental awareness and concentration can also increase too.

7. When the demand of oxygen of our body is met, our body will be healthier and performance is optimized.

8. Viruses, bacteria and toxins are anaerobic meaning they live without the need for oxygen. Using oxygen water like Oxycential can increase the oxygen level within the body to eliminate these pathogen from our body.

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